Nanny share supplies

Nanny share supplies

Posted By: Loveournanny | Posted at: May 3, 2019

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Nanny share supplies

If you are a family who is looking for the essential supplies to bring over the other house when sharing a nanny; in this article, you will find the list of essential items that you need for a nanny share.

  • Diapers: for when a baby’s diapers need to be changed so you must leave some diapers to use in the sodden conditions.
  • Baby wipes and bibs: babies tend to mess up not only things around them but also themselves. Whatever they put up in their hands; they put it in their mouth so, you may need to have some wipes and bibs to wipe the dirt off.
  • Feeders/ milk bottles: these are essential bottles to have for feeding the hungry baby.
  • Pacifiers: pacifiers are essential for babies so that they suck it up and avoid SIDs.
  • Extra outfits: additional dresses you may need to change when the baby messes clothes as they always do.
  • Baby stroller: if the nanny wants to take the baby out on a walk, they must have a stroller to take them out.
  • A list of phone numbers: as a family, you must provide all the important contacts of the related families of the children (their parents, most importantly) to the nanny for when an emergency occurs, they contact you at the earliest.
  • Signed permission: you must give signed permission to the nanny when leaving your child with them so that in urgency they can take the baby to ER.
  • A few toys: nanny must have something to entertain the children and keep them happy, therefore, leave some toys to the nanny.
  • High chair: it is used to put a baby on the seat to feed them the solid foods.

these are the essential supplies that you must have for the nanny share.

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