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Nanny share interview questions

Nanny share interview questions

Posted By: Loveournanny | Posted at: May 3, 2019

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Nanny share interview questions

Completing a nanny share set up is a two-way procedure as you require a good family and the best nanny. Prior to picking up a household with the best-shared values, you must ensure that with each other you’re a decent supervisory group. Here are few extraordinary questions for asking a household for a nanny share.

General queries to know.

  • The location of the family
  • The age of their kids.
  • The hours of working
  • The hosting place of nanny share if they want it to happen at their own home or outside their home.
  • The rate per hour they are expecting.
  • The information of the nanny they had previously.
  • Their expectations from the nanny.
  • The period they want to have a nanny share.
  • The description of their children.
  • The way they would need to interact with the nanny.

House managing questions to know:

  • The way of dealing with the expense of food and other activities.
  • The rules for the nanny who will be hired.
  • The procedure for handling an ill child.

Things to know if they choose to host the nanny at their place:

  • If they have an extra room for kids to take a nap.
  • If the house is baby-proofed?

Family-related questions that you may want to know:

  • The discipline forms they have.
  • The procedure through which nanny requires to take care of the children.
  • The timings to watch the T.V.
  • The vaccination details of the children at home.
  • The handling procedure of disputes between kids.
  • The household’s political views.

You also need to ask them what if they have a complication with the nanny they choose together and they are upset about it; how will they tackle the situation? And how would they need you to help them?

These are the basic yet important queries to ask from the potential household to learn about them for choosing the correct one.